DIY Photo Frame -

Kicking things off with a simple little project for your snow day – this has got to be one of the quickest and easiest DIY projects I have ever done. It’s a neat way to display all the Polaroid and Instax photos I’d otherwise leave laying around, probably never to be seen again.

DIY Photo Frame -


  • frame | $15
  • staple gun | $10
  • miniature clothes pins | $2
  • bakers twine | $5.99
  • scissors | $2

The estimated total cost of this project: $34.99
My cost (for items I didn’t have in my craft stash): $17

My favorite place to purchase frames lately has been Hobby Lobby. They have a nice selection for cheap and they always have coupons out. My only regret it that I wish I had chose a larger frame. I have a ton of photos I’d like to display and this frame only allows for about a dozen full sized photos at a time. One of the neat things about this project though is that it’s super simple to switch the photos out at any time.

DIY Photo Frame -


1. Lay out and measure your bakers twine against the back of your frame. You’ll want your twine to be pulled tight so it’s better to have too much twine cut than not enough.

2. Pull your twine tight and staple it into place. You may want to put two staples going across each other in opposite directions. This will ensure your twine does not slip out.

3. Align your clothes pins onto your twine that you have stapled in place. I chose to use two different colors, black and white, to match my twine but you obviously can choose any colors you’d like.

4. This step should leave you with something that looks like this and the full product shown below. You can now begin to arrange your photos however you would like!

DIY Photo Frame -

Super simple, right!? I told you this was one of the quickest and most simple projects ever.

DIY Photo Frame -

Enjoy! xoxo