Photo via Alana Jones-Mann

See that photo up there!? Those are not your usual tacos, those are SUGAR COOKIES! A sugar cookie dessert taco bar. Brownie bite “meat”, red candy “tomatoes”, and shredded coconut “cheese” and “lettuce”.   The cutest thing and idea I’ve ever seen. I am loving all the Cinco de Mayo fun fiesta themed projects lately!

Woo this week has been a roller coaster for sure! If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen that I’ve been having some issues with my foot. I started off with one of the little velcro shoes, turns out it’s fractured and I’m now in a fun moon boot for the next month. I’ll be glad to have the pain over with but I’m a little bummed at the timing of this! It’s exam week (as if that wasn’t stressful enough) for me so I get to start my summer off with a boot. I designed a new bike for myself, ordered parts, waited for them to come in, got it painted, and assembled. I’ve been anticipating receiving my bike for about two months now and of course my luck I got it back today. So, it looks like I won’t be riding it for another month.

However, roller coaster week… I could not be more excited to have found out that I have won a $500 gift card to Airbnb from Alt Summit! I totally was not expecting this at all! I always look at Airbnb’s website and I am so excited to take a trip. Cameron and I are looking to go somewhere new that we have never been before. If anyone has ever used Airbnb or has any suggestions as to where we should go, let me know!

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