Summer Bucket List

Summer 2015 Bucket List - DimesandDonuts.comThis past week I officially finished with classes for the spring semester meaning I am on summer vacation at last! I figured a great way to kick off the summer would be to create a summer bucket list of 15 things I’d like to accomplish before the end of summer 2015.

1. Attend a date night cooking class
2. Go on a hike
3. Visit the berry farm and pick strawberries
4. Take a beach trip
5. Decorate the patio
6. Host a barbecue
7. Watch Fireworks
8. Visit D.C.
9. Read a book for fun
10. Make homemade fruit leather
11. Go on a bike ride
12. Have smores on the patio
13. Visit Virginia Safari Park
14. Get tattooed
15. Visit NYC

I will blog and check off each thing as it is accomplished. I hope you’ll follow along!
What is on your summer bucket list?



  • sweetsimpleday

    Congrats!! U must be so ready for summer!!
    Love your summer becket list especially #1. So cute. Hope u accomplish everything over summer!! Xoxo

    • Christine

      I really am! :) Thank you so much!

  • Sheree

    Summer is always the best time! Can’t wait to see #14!!

    ~ xo Sheree
    IG: @poshclassymom

    • Christine

      It is! I’ll be sure to blog about it. Thanks for stopping by, Sheree!

  • ~ Carmen ~

    Woohoo for summer vacation. I love the date night cooking class. That’s a great idea. :]

    // ▲ ▲

    • Christine

      Thank you, Carmen! I hope for it to be a fun time!

  • K / House of KTS

    I just love your bucket list. I want to visit D.C. so much as well. It’s such an amazing city I’ve heard. I can’t wait to go. Maybe we can see each other there ;).

    K / The House of KTS (formerly Pure & Complex)

    • Christine

      Thank you, K! Being so close, I’ve been a couple times and it is a beautiful place. That would be so fun! :)

  • Lauren at adorn la femme

    These 15 things to do sound like so much fun! You are smart to go to NYC in summer, not like I did in March when I froze to death!! I would love to do a date night cooking class with my boyfriend–would be hilarious to see him learn to cook something fancy!!

    adorn la femme

    • Christine

      Thanks Lauren! I’ve never been in the summer and would love not to be frozen to death either haha. Me too!

  • Grannie

    I already picked out a hike for us!, We better get 8 done Thursday, I was looking at the safari park thing the other night to see if was near any of the hikes, i want to make fruit leather (and be invited to s’mores), and you should get tattooed IN new york (and I want to gooo)

    • Christine

      Yay, I’m excited! I hope we do! You will be invited and you read my mind ha!

  • Allure Obsessed

    Oh, go on! Hope you get this done! (And blog about it) xx


    • Christine

      Thank you! I sure will! :)

  • Haley

    Thank you so much for sharing this info…I really need to kick it into gear and get started on a healthy program like this. It’s totally one of those “I’ll start tomorrow” kind of situations. Every day. But the more I hear about this program, the more I want to get in on it for my body and my healthy (but I repeat myself)

    <3 Haley @

  • Leanna Ranieri

    I love your 15 in 2015! I may have to do this NOW. I usually do a summer bucket list, but haven’t done one for this summer! I might use this idea! Thanks!

    • Christine

      Awesome, Leanna! I’d love to see your list!