Custom bicycle mount for under $15 -

Living in a small condo, I needed a place for my bike to live that was out of the way. Our condo has bike storage in the parking garage and Cameron stores his bike down there but I just don’t feel comfortable leaving mine. What better place than on the wall? I love my bike so why not show it off when it’s not in use. I began to research wall mounts for bicycles and boy was I surprised at how expensive they are! I didn’t see the point in spending so much money on something that would mount my bike to the wall when I could make one myself. Similar designs go for $100 on the Internet, I’m going to show you how I made my own custom bike mount for under $15.

The only items I needed to purchase were the storage rack and the wood. I had the rest of the items laying around the house.

  • 1 piece of wood size 24 x 5.5
  • 1 flip up storage rack
  • 6 screws
  • ruler *
  • painters tape *
  • paint / paint brush *

* indicates the supply is optional.
I marked certain supplies optional as you may not want to add a design to your bike mount.

Custom bicycle mount for under $15 - Custom bicycle mount for under $15 -

  1. Once you have cut your wooden base, use your ruler and draw out your design. We got our piece of wood cut a Lowe’s and it only cost about $2.
  2. Tape your design out with painters tape and paint it. Remove the painters tape when you are finished painting and leave your design to dry. Taping the design was the most tedious part of the project.
  3. Once your design has dried completely, attach your flip up storage rack to the center of the wood.
  4. Before you attach your bike mount to the wall, you must locate studs in your wall. Your mount and your bike will fall off of the wall otherwise.

& you’re done! It’s that simple!

Custom bicycle mount for under $15 - DimesandDonuts.comCustom bicycle mount for under $15 - DimesandDonuts.comCustom bicycle mount for under $15 -

Enjoy! Let me know if you make one of your own.