Stylish Supplies for Back to School - Dimes and Donuts

I don’t know about you but ever since I was little I’ve loved the feeling of getting new school supplies. There’s just something about a haul of new office supplies and accessories that makes me want to succeed, as silly as that sounds. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy being on break just as much as the next person but I have a soft spot for shopping. I had so much fun putting together this round up of stylish back to school supplies for you all! Click the links for the sources.

Marvy Le Pen marker pens I used to be a Sharpie pen lover, then I discovered Staedtler pens (which I still love), but Le Pen’s have to be my most favorite …I’m kind of obsessed with pens.

◦  Mobile phone charger A mobile charger is nice to have in your school bag for when you’re not able to be near an outlet. I feel so lost when my phone is dead as sad as that probably sounds.

◦  Kitty cat paper clips How cute are these!?

◦  Rifle Paper Co pencils These are almost too pretty to even sharpen!

◦  Cactus pencil case The price on this is a little crazy for a pencil case but it’s so fun.

◦  Planner I’m completely lost without my planner. I love the pattern on this one, it reminds me of watercolor.

◦  Key chain card holder I like to have a keychain wallet when I’m at school rather than carrying my larger wallet around. I usually only need my debit card and school ID on me for going to class.

◦  Laptop cover Beautiful touches of gold!

◦  Spiral notebooks I prefer taking notes on paper rather than on my laptop, of course notebooks have to have fun patterns.

◦  Tote bag Love the simplicity of this Madewell tote and it will go great with any outfit.

◦  Pastel highlighters I highlight things like crazy to stay organized, these pastel colors are perfect.

◦  Backpack Such a pretty color combo!

◦  Laptop sleeve I like to keep my laptop in a sleeve for a little padding and protection so I donut have to worry!

Anyone else have an obsession with new school / office supplies?