First off, I’d like to say that I paid for these boxes with my own money and have not been compensated by HelloFresh in any way.

I’ve been tempted to try a meal subscription service for a while now. I’m honestly so bad about eating at home and when I do I find myself making the same few recipes on rotation, my pepper jack mac and copycat pesto cavatappi are made too often. Needless to say I get bored pretty quickly. I felt a meal subscription service could bring variety, get me excited about making meals and trying new things. I did some research and eventually decided on HelloFresh, solely because I found a coupon code for $40 off my first box. Score! Three meals for me and Cameron for $20 vs the normal subscription price of $59.94.

This blog post isn’t pretty because let’s be real – As I said, I’m already lazy about cooking, at the time I made these meals I’d gotten home from work, changed into some pajamas, and really didn’t feel like adding any extra steps between cooking and when I got to stuff my face. I settled for some quick iPhone/Snapchat images.

HelloFresh promises:

To deliver fresh ingredients and healthly recipes to your doorstep each week.

Chef-curated recipes that have six easy-to-master steps, take just 30 minutes, and require minimal equipment.

HelloFresh is 75% cheaper than grocery shopping.

HelloFresh offers three different meal plan options: the Classic Plan, Veggie Plan, and Family Plan. Both the Classic and Veggie plans cost $9.99 per serving while the Family Plan costs $8.74 per serving.

I chose the Classic Plan as it works best for our family with options to serve 2 or 4 adults. It’s advertised that with the Classic Plan you’ll receive the largest variety of recipes with a handpicked selection of meat, fish, produce, and grains with tasty spins on traditional favorites in addition to unique recipes that’ll have you cooking like a chef in no time.

Each week, with the Classic Plan, you may choose 3 of 8 different recipes to have included in your box.

The meals:

Below each meal, in italics, is the HelloFresh provided description of the meal.

Creamy Chicken Pasta

If there were ever a recipe to prove that you don’t need a lot of fancy equipment to make a stellar meal, this is it. All you need to bring it to life it is a single pot, my friends. A single pot! Packed with al dente tendrils of gemelli pasta, peas and broccoli bursting with green, and gently browned pieces of chicken, the only thing as fast as this recipe’s cleanup is how quickly every last bit of sauce will vanish from everyone’s plates. 

This was hands down my favorite of all the meals we’ve received but I could live off of pasta and broccoli alone! Carbs on carbs with my favorite veggie makes me happy!

Sriracha Turkey Burgers

Have you jumped on the Sriracha bandwagon yet? If not, these burgers might convince you to come aboard (and if you already have, they’re sure to delight). The spicy sauce is mixed right into the turkey patties, plus it spikes the mayo that’s slathered on top. Add a ginger-dressed salad to the side, and you’ve got an impeccable combination of both cooling and fiery flavors.

I will admit I’m somewhat of a picky eater, I don’t really enjoy homemade burgers and I’d never tried ground turkey, let alone a turkey burger. The flavors of the dish were great, however, I did not enjoy the texture of the turkey burger.

Soy-Marinated Steak

Beef and broccoli over rice is a tried-and-true Asian-style favorite. But to get it just right, you’ve got to hone in on more than just the beef or the broccoli—really, it’s all about the sauce, which can make or break the dish. Luckily, we’ve got a good one: we’re blending creamy peanut butter with garlic and soy, then drizzling it all over to create waves of savory flavor throughout.

Once again… picker eater here – I hate peanut butter! I know that is probably a sin to some of you but I will say that I loved this dish even with the peanut sauce! I just can’t hate anything that involves steak and broccoli.

Creamy Dill Chicken

This latest addition to the HelloFresh Recipe Hall of Fame features the key to a crowd-pleasing dinner: sauce! Who could turn down a drizzly, creamy herb and Dijon concoction, especially one that’s draped across pan-seared chicken and roasted potatoes and green beans? No one, we say. At least not anyone that we’ve met yet.

I had super high hopes for this meal as it’s in the “HelloFresh Recipe Hall of Fame” which I’m assuming means it’s a customer favorite. It was definitely good but I wouldn’t put it in my own recipe hall of fame. The portion sizes confused me a bit with this meal as well. There were a ton of potatoes in comparison to the amount of green beans provided. The dill sauce was delicious, but I wish the recipe had made more, as you can see in my photo there isn’t much sauce on my plate. The instructions stated to pour the sauce over your entire plate, which just wasn’t possible with the amount the recipe made. But I’m kind of a condiment queen.

Kiwi Salsa & Steak Fajitas

“What is kiwi doing in my fajitas?” you may ask. “That’s not Mexican, Tex-Mex, Southwestern, or anything in between!” Bear with us—when our chef Nate had us try it, we thought it was a little out there too. But upon first bite, it was immediately clear that the fruit is a natural match for the big flavors of beef: it’s tangy, it’s sassy, it’s a little bit surprising. Basically, it’s everything that you want from a salsa (and then some).

I gotta admit that I had never tasted a kiwi before in my life (again, picky eater) and was a bit weirded out that I would be eating kiwi in my salsa. With that being said, the kiwi was delicious both on its own and in the salsa. This was probably one of my favorite dishes, there were so many flavors that just worked so well together wrapped up in that little tortilla.

Chipotle Glazed Pork Chops

Pork, broccoli, and potatoes: sounds pretty ordinary, right? Wrong! We’ve jazzed up this everyday dish with sweet honey, a smoky chipotle glaze, and a touch of garlic. Every swipe of sauce is so addictive, so unforgettable, you’ll likely find yourself scraping out every last drop from the pan.

Funny thing about this meal… Neither Cameron or I are fans of pork chops and we almost tossed the pork and used chicken breasts we had in the fridge instead. Buuut, I decided you know what, I paid for it and the purpose of this was to branch out, we’re gonna eat it! I’m so happy we did because this meal was SO good! This is the last meal we made and it was an immediate favorite! The pork chops turned out awesome, the chipotle glaze was delicious, I’m always down for broccoli, and who doesn’t love garlic mashed potatoes!? We’ll definitely be remaking this one in the future.


HelloFresh Pros

  • No meal planning required!
  • Recipes cards are provided and the steps are easy to follow.
  • The ingredients for each meal are kept in a separate packages so there is no confusion. I will also mention that meats are shipped at the bottom of the box in a separate area to be sure there is no cross contamination.
  • Recipes of all levels are available to choose from. (All recipes we received are Beginner)
  • Convenient!
  • All ingredients were fresh, as promised.
  • Option to skip weekly delivery as often as you’d like, up to 1 month in advance at a time.

HelloFresh Cons

  • Some meals take longer than the promised 30 minutes.
  • Expensive without a promo code.
  • I did not find the service to be 75% cheaper than grocery shopping, as promised.
  • Account is automatically charged if you forget to skip a week.
  • Inconsistent portions.
  • Some recipes you may choose from each week are considered “premium” recipes which cost an additional $5 per person.


Will I continue to receive HelloFresh?

Every single week? No. As a student in grad school, I simply cannot afford such a service on a regular basis. Unlike HelloFresh promised, delivery is in no way 75% cheaper than grocery shopping, at least for us.

When I have the money and see recipes that we’d like to try? YES! I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience with HelloFresh.

I definitely accomplished my goal of adding variety into our cooking. I never would have been open to trying most of these meals had they not been put together for me.

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