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Everything Happens for a Reason {Freebie}

Finding happiness -

Everything happens for a reason – what I keep telling myself.

Everything on this blog can’t always be sunshine and rainbows but that’s life. A couple days ago we received some disheartening news regarding the condo we had both fallen in love with and anticipated moving into for months. I’m trying to remind myself that everything happens for a reason but the reasons that are coming into my head are, “yeah, the reason is the real estate tycoon who caused this.” I’m trying to think of everything happens for a reason in a positive, optimistic light but it’s hard.

It turns out the building, which the condo we were in contract to purchase is located, has basically been bought out by one single person. This person has then been re-listing the condos as rental properties. The bank apparently failed to do their research and to see this information before extending a mortgage offer and starting the closing process. When this information was discovered, the bank retracted their offer as they view it as too large of a financial risk.

It’s hard not to be upset and mad when we had been going through this process, everything working perfectly, for about 3 months, up until the day of closing. It’s hard not to be upset when one person has taken over almost an entire condo complex for their own benefit, raising prices, and pushing people out.

There is light at the end of the tunnel though. I wrote the beginning of this post in the heart of this news, emotions flowing. A couple days passed and Cameron’s dad tried his hardest to do everything he could for us. Guess what!? He was able to make a deal with the seller themselves and we will be moving into our little dream house after all! We’re expected to move in later this month. I guess everything really does happen for a reason, I’ll take this as a learning experience. I know this post has two totally different feels but I wanted to leave the original portion of this post to show how life isn’t always all good things. Just keep the hope.

I am beyond thankful and ecstatic. I had already put so much heart and soul into planning this space out so part of me was hurt for that reason as well. I’m so happy to say let the planning continue!

In celebration – Have a freebie!

Like my quote graphic up there!? Well I have a freebie for you all! You can download an iPhone or an iPad wallpaper version of the graphic here. For best results: just make sure that when you set your wallpaper to turn “perspective zoom” off by pinching the screen to view the entire design. - Freebies 1