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Our Home | The Living Room

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Welcome to our home!

Today I am so excited to finally share a taste of our little condo with you all! I am starting with the largest and my most favorite space in our home – our living room! The only downside to our living space is the lack of natural light. The living room gets zero natural light since there are no windows in this space. My attempt to make up for the lack of light is keeping the walls the bright white and lots of bright artificial lighting.
Before we moved I shared my plans for the living which you can take a look at here.


Condo Brainstorming – Living room

As a visual person, I love creating collages to help me see how my things are going to come together in a space, so I threw together this quick little graphic of what I plan to be our condo living room. I had mentioned in my introduction post that we are going to be moving into a condo soon. We have been selling the majority of our furniture pieces since our new home is smaller than our current apartment, space will be limited. I embrace changes in my environment so this is exciting for me and it means I get to go shopping! Since we will be keeping the majority of our smaller pieces, I have included a lot of things that we have in our current living room such as art prints, little details, etc, in my collage.

Old couch -

Pictured to the left is our old couch, a beige Pottery Barn sectional that was a hand-me-down from Cameron’s family. We have since sold the couch so I had to make due with what photo I had of it.

Even though it was super comfortable, the couch had seen better days and was far too large to fit into our new condo so we started the search for something new. I wanted a mid century inspired couch but I am realistic when it comes to comfort. We needed something that was ascetically pleasing but also something we could lie down and take a nap on. We had also become accustomed to having a large sectional, so a chaise was a must with downsizing. Even more importantly, the couch needed to be in our budget. Combing those four factors made the couch search much more difficult than I had assumed it would be. The couch seen in the collage met all four requirements and I am so happy with our choice!

Although our new couch is smaller, space is limited and a sofa chair isn’t an option, I still wanted there to be more than one seating option. I decided on this neat little rocking chair that I fell in love with, along with a set of clear “ghost” bar stools. I have always wanted some ghost chairs but our new condo only has a breakfast bar for eating, so I compromised.

We currently have the HEMNES coffee table in black from IKEA but I have been eyeing some new mid century inspired ones. This is only in the case that our current one does not fit in our new living room as it is quite large. Wishful thinking possibly. ;)

Condo Brainstorming - Livingroom |

Living room details


  • charcoal gray sofa with chaise
  • black and gold Target side table | this exact table is no longer sold but I found a similar one here
  • mid century inspired coffee table | similar one I am eyeing here ( I would probably stain the top to be a bit darker )
  • rocking chair
  • white shelving unit | we have the “expedit” from IKEA which is now the KALLAX series
  • gold shelving unit | We have the VITTSJÖ shelf from IKEA which I plan on painting
  • clear “ghost” stools | can be found a variety of places, here are some on Amazon


  • IKEA pillow covers | the black and white pattern is here | The green one must not be available on IKEA’s website anymore
  • sunburst mirror ( DIY project coming soon! ) | A  variety of similar ones can be be found many places, here are some examples on Amazon
  • I have various art prints but the two pictured are from Rifle Paper Co and Kelli Murray ( linked to her website | her shop is currently closed )
  • HÖNEFOSS honeycomb mirrors from IKEA
  • the geometric style table lamp is from Lowe’s | we have both the table lamp and the floor lamp
  • Threshold square mirrored tray | the square one seems to be sold out but I found the rectangular one on Target’s website

The rest of the items are just little look-a-likes of some knickknack things I have around the living room. If you have any suggestions, feel free to let me know in the comments! It’s still a work in progress.