Sharing Creativity | Guest Post: Rachel Johanna

Rachel's guest post

I’m surrounded by many talented people in my life and in the blogging world. Sharing Creativity is a way to show that I am proud of them as well as a way to share their talents with you all. Whether their talents include photography, crafting, baking, whatever, I’m excited to share their creativity! Today I’d like to welcome Rachel Johanna who is also known as Redd to the blog. Redd is a Salt Lake based photographer, artist, and crafter.


Hi, I am Rachel a.k.a. Redd.

I grew up with parents who valued art. I consider myself very blessed for that. When it came time to go to college they were incredibly supportive of my decision to pursue an art degree. I graduated with a BFA in Photography and Digital Imaging and now, for my “big girl” job, I work as a commercial photographer for a big creative company. Which I love.


New York City!

New York City via

Two weeks ago, Cameron and I took a trip to my favorite city in the world – New York! I’ve had some awesome travel adventures so far this summer and I am beyond grateful that I was able to make New York one of them. I apologize for my absence here, I’ve been all over and enjoying my summer as best as I can which caused Dimes and Donuts to be pushed to the back burner. To be honest, I’ve been in a rut with posting. I don’t want this space to become forced because that would take away all the fun. So I figured, I’d rather not post than to post a forced post that I couldn’t feel good about. I’m sure every fellow blogger can relate to this feeling.

I’m happy to be back and to share a few, more like a ton of, photos from our trip to New York City! I’m slowly but surely scratching things off of my summer bucket list!


A Trip to DC | National Zoological Park

A trip to DC via

Crossing another thing off of my summer 2015 bucket list!
A few weeks ago, a couple of close friends and I decided to take a trip to D.C to visit the National Zoological Park. And we may have stopped at IKEA on the way home too! :) If you’ve never been I highly recommend taking the trip but I would suggest arriving as close to opening as possible for the best experience, especially if visiting in hot weather. Not that you can blame them, the majority of the animals tend to hide or hangout inside as the temperature rises throughout the day. You’ll be thankful for your own sake too! Summers here are extremely humid.

I’m always torn about taking trips to zoos. On one hand, my heart aches for the animals being held in captivity but on the other, I love to visit and get up close and personal with them. I just have to trust that the National Zoological Park treats the animals fairly.


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